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l 2022年12月10日(周六) zoom会议:824 1503 0571  密码:047885    



报告嘉宾:Dr. Zhibo Pang

Zoom 链接:https://us06web.zoom.us/j/82415030571?pwd=T1pLb1pySW1Ic3o1a3djRWh5SjVQZz09

报告题目:Impacts of wireless and edge computing on robot control: a network hardware-in-the-loop method and preliminary results


New generation digital infrastructure is offering more deterministic wireless connectivity such as 5G and WiFi6 and more powerful and flexible edge/fog computing to industrial users. This is accelerating the development of the so-called Cloud Robotics which intend to offload as much as possible complex computing tasks from the local controller to the edge/fog infrastructure. However, it is still unclear how much can be done over the state-of-the-art wireless networks and cloud/edge computing techniques. This is especially concerned in the time-critical and/or safety-critical use cases, e.g., safe coordination of multiple mobile robots, teleoperation of surgical robots, etc. In this presentation, I will share our recent progresses on this topic. I will first introduce the network hardware-in-the-loop (N-HiL) simulation methods which can provide insightful measurement of the impact caused by the imperfections of the communication and computing. Then preliminary assessment of the WiFi6, 5G, and relevant cloud computing frameworks will be presented. As the end, I will share the open challenges for future research.


Dr. Zhibo Pang, MBA & PhD, is currently a Senior Principal Scientist at ABB Corporate Research Sweden, and Adjunct Professor at the University of Sydney and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. He is a Senior Member of IEEE, Member of IEEE IES Industry Activities Committee, and Co-Chair of the Technical Committee on Industrial Informatics. He is Associate Editor of IEEE TII, IEEE JBHI, and IEEE JESTIE. He was General Chair of IEEE ES2017, General Co-Chair of IEEE WFCS2021, and Invited Speaker at the Gordon Research Conference AHI2018. He was awarded the “Inventor of the Year Award” by ABB Corporate Research Sweden, three times in 2016, 2018, and 2021 respectively. He works on enabling technologies in electronics, communication, computing, control, artificial intelligence, and robotics for Industry4.0 and Healthcare4.0.